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Hotel panorama in konitsa of ioannina


Welcome to our website (homepage)


The hotel was built by people with taste and love with aim to be a destination for high –standard holidays and starting point for everyone who want to discover the natural beauties of one of the most virgin and pure areas of Greece. The hotel has all the feautures of a traditional hotel with the typical architecture of ipirus. It is an ideal option for those who choose alternative tourism. it is located in konitsa andit is open all year round.




The 14 rooms have all the essential equipment, whereas in addition feuature



*air condition

*there are also 4 rooms that can service people with special abilities.




The hotel Panorama is located in a a land of 6 acres and in an altitude of 650 metres, with the  sight of mount “Gamila” the gorge of the river “Aoos”and of “Nemertsika”(Albania).It is built of stone and wood within the pines. It has

*swimming pool




*Vast hall,offered for weddings, baptisms and a great many vanity of events.




You can make a reservation by phoning at the following number 2655023135




The hotel panorama is located 800 metres outside of the picturesque town of konitsa, which is just 64 km from Ioannina,502km from Athens and 300 km from Thesaloniki.


Because of the geografic singularity of our area, the access to konitsa is carried out with the use of the national road network. the national road Network  is in excellent condition and the time needed to reach our hotel – getting started from Ioannina-is 45 minutes. There is also access from grevena with the use of the Natiotal road network that links Grevena with Ioannina within Samarina. you can also use the buses that daily execute itineraries from Ioannina to Konitsa. Information for the time departure of buses you can take by calling at 2651026211.


In the town of Konitsa you can use taxi calling at 2655022500 and 2655022471 for direct service.

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